Budapest Art Cheat Sheet

A few tips for visiting artists and art lovers.

Art Guides:

This is an excellent guide listing major art venues and their programs as well as openings.It is available in English

Art Portal

This is an excellent portal however it is mostly in Hungarian.  Unfortunately this is not completely available in English, however the exhibition list should be decipherable to the non-native speaker.

Art Portal also has an excellent abridged weekly art guide in English

Art Shops:

The Művészellátó Szakbolt at 1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 43 is Budapest’s most complete art shop and contains the supplies needed for most art projects.  If someone is looking for something more specific, feel free to post your query on our forum.


Művészellátó “Úristen, Festek!” at 1094 Budapest, József krt. 26 is an excellent smaller shop that provides for most professional art related needs.